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Why I Live in Santa Cruz

Ed Porter The City of Santa Cruz has been an endearing part of my life since I moved here over 30 years ago. Living on the Pacific Ocean was my dream since I was six years old!

I didn't know it at the time, but an aerial photograph I shot of Santa Cruz in 1968 clearly shows my home for over 30 years, squarely in the center of that photo! Santa Cruz is in my blood.

When I was first in Santa Cruz in the late 60's the effort was underway to stop urban sprawl from spreading into Wilder Ranch. In a most inspiring chain of events and, due to the efforts of some very heroic people, that effort succeeded.

Then came the effort to set aside Lighthouse Field as a natural and open area at the headwaters of the Monterey Bay. As that initiative went to the ballot, I moved into my house which overlooks the now Lighthouse Field State Beach. As most people know, that measure passed by an overwhelming margin. I got heavily involved in the next 10 years in the efforts to create the Lighthouse Field Park. It wasn't automatic just because the initiative passed. I was amazed how difficult it was. But the people of Santa Cruz got it done! Some more very heroic people, once again.

In the late 70's a political revolution took place where human rights and needs and environmental protection moved to the top of the priority list. The pattern is the same, heroic individuals addressed these critical issues in our society and continue to do so.

I draw my strength, my vision, and my inspiration from all those heroes!

After being connected with so many of these activities, it seemed like a permanent association for me . Being involved with critical City issues had become, for me, almost as natural as living here. If you appreciate all this history, you understand why I am hooked on Santa Cruz! As far as I am concerned, the Country Joe McDonald record album entitled "Paradise with an Ocean View" could certainly be about Santa Cruz.

I've taken perhaps 30,000 photographs around and about Santa Cruz. Maybe someday, "in my spare time," I'll publish a series of photo essays about our town. Just a few of them will appear on this website.

But, in the mean time, being that it is such a special place, I feel an ongoing obligation to do what I can to maintain it and make it as much of a "Paradise" as possible.

That's why I live and work in Santa Cruz and why I'm seeking re-election to the Santa Cruz City Council.

- Ed Porter

If you would like to share the reasons why you live in Santa Cruz, I would like very much to read them. Just click here and pass them along. Thanks!

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