Ed Porter Running for Santa Cruz City Council 2000
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Photographs of Santa Cruz

Beautiful Pictures of our Piece of Paradise

The Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf and the Santa Cruz City coastline, viewed from Lighthouse Park. Wharf 1850x418
Lighthouse Point from Henry Cowell Beach. Cliffs 1110x441
Here, a recent photo of the San Lorenzo River bed clearly shows that a rejuvenation of the natural habitat IS possible. This is not in Felton but just 500 feet South of Highway 1 looking toward the County Building. The natural channel is returning and small fish ARE visible! We only have to hold our course in treating the River as a special and sensitive area that deserves our highest level of protection. Perhaps a re-stocking of Salmon fry could be soon in the offing.. San Lorenzo Riverbed 640x480

Also see pictures of the gridlock problem.

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